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 A guide to the police in Saints Row 2

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PostSubject: A guide to the police in Saints Row 2   Thu Sep 11, 2008 6:04 pm

Police Notoriety in Saints Row 2 has received a major overhaul. Police are realistic in their response to player, gang, and civilian criminal activity which is where the new non-lethal weapons come in. The Police must also respond to Stilwater's over-the-top criminals with new lethal weapons and methods of transportation: motorcycles, boats, wavecraft, and the all new attack helicopter.

The Police are always watching the streets. If a civilian witnesses a crime, he/she will call the Police bringing them to the scene. The Police will attempt to track down the criminal or if nothing seems to be amiss (such as a dozen dead bodies left in the middle of the street), they will simply write up a report. This will give criminals a little extra time to flee the scene and avoid a higher notoriety level.

Police response varies in different areas of Stilwater. If tracking a criminal indoors, the Police will switch to ATVs for better maneuvering. If the carnage spills into Ultor controlled areas of the city, the Police will fall back and allow the Ultor security force to take over the "investigation".

There are 5 levels of Police Notoriety:

Level 1

* If the Police see the players, gangs, or civilians committing crimes they'll respond with non-lethal force. Those weapons include a night stick, pepper spray, a stun gun, or even their fists. Their main objective is to arrest the criminal, although accidents do occur.

* Even at this stage the cops can be dangerous since non-lethal weapons have a tendency to incapacitate perpetrators for short periods of time, providing an opportunity for law enforcement officers to dish out some extra damage.

Don't taze me bro.

Level 2

* The Police are actively looking for the perpetrator, using the standard squad cars, new Police motorcycles, wavecraft, and helicopters (if the chase has lead to the sky).

* The Police will not hesitate to use night sticks and other non-lethal weapons but if the perpetrator escalates the situation, the cops will oblige, using their standard NR-4 side arm pistols and pump action shotguns to fight back.

* If the player takes a civilian human shield the cops will stop firing and attempt flanking maneuvers.

Level 3

* The Police are actively creating roadblocks using riot vans manned by SWAT officers and their AR-50 assault rifles. Non-lethal means no longer exist, and arrest is not an option.

* The Police also deploy squad cars and speed boats, and SWAT helicopters will attempt to drop off SWAT officers at the scene to block off the area.


Level 4

* In addition to setting up manned roadblocks with the 'Bear' APC and its 360 degree mounted machine gun, the Police now utilize extreme measures. With the arrival of the 'Tornado' attack helicopter with its laser guided rockets and massive rotary mini-gun the perpetrator had better seek cover or an RPG launcher.

* If the player grabs a human shield, even a police officer, it will have little effect. Human shields won't last long when they're soaking up a barrage of Police gunfire.

Level 5

* The Police call in the FBI and their heavy-duty reinforced SUVs. FBI agents are extremely efficient, armed with either the AS-14 Hammer semi-automatic assault shotgun or the AR-50 assault rifle.

* The 'Tornado' attack helicopter will orbit above the battlefield while unleashing a fiery barrage of justice with its laser guided rockets.

* Level 5 Police Notoriety is the true test of one's skills, weapons and luck. Now would be the time to call in your co-op buddy for back-up.
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A guide to the police in Saints Row 2
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