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 Public Discussion Forum Rules (Read before posting)

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PostSubject: Public Discussion Forum Rules (Read before posting)   Wed Sep 10, 2008 1:50 am

1.  Do not request to be unbanned.  This can be settled through our private messaging system.  NBRYANT24 is the one you want to talk to.  Failure to comply to this condition may result in the opposite affect of your request.

2.  Do not post a reason why you can't make a day for our patrol training.  Again, this can be handled through the private messaging system.  Find out which leader you have been assigned, and talk to him/her.

4.  If you are a clan commander, feel free to post your clan information maturely and respectfully, the Emergency Services Unit welcomes you to do so.  We always love to hear from our community members.

5.  Do not ask us why our forums are down.  Again, if you really need to know, private message someone.  Preferably a clan leader. 

6.  Do not ask the entire public what happens after patrol training, or anything relating to patrol training.  This can be done by private messaging the person who accepted your enlistment, and you can also, like rule #2, talk to your instructor about it.

8.  Respect the members of everyone on the forums.

9.  Do not start topics to flame people.

10. Do not start another thread if the one you made before was locked.

11. Do not be racist, sexist or swear on our forums.
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Public Discussion Forum Rules (Read before posting)
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